Monday, November 2, 2009

Hi parents,
Today, we went to Tonle Sap in the morning to look at the fishing village. The houses were built on stilts. We took a boat and enjoyed the breeze while observing the local life. Lunch was fabulous! It was taken in a fisherman's house. All the dishes were fish-based. We even had barbequed snake head fish.

In the afternoon, the journey took us to Angkor Wat. 'Angkor' means capital city and 'Wat' is temple. We encountered many local children trying to sell postcards and souvenirs. We rejected them and wondered whether it was right to do that. At Angkor Wat, we visited many temples and statues. The tour guide explained to us the significance of the statues, backed by the multitude of stories. There were many statues that were beheaded during the civil war.

And once again, dinner was really good and there was always huge servings of rice. Rice is grown abundantly in Cambodia and locals eat it in huge amounts as it provides them with the main source of energy. There was a dish where the curry chicken was served in a coconut husk.

Goodbye , Sai Yond Sure Sdey(goodnight) !

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  1. Hey Thanks for you try to learn my word (Khmer) but i would like to correct the words Sai Yon Sour Sdey it not mean goodnight, so it mean good afternoon.
    and for goodngith we used the word Rair Trey Sour Sdey, and I have many thanks to you that visit my country and I wish you have a wonderful Trip and nice flight come back to you all.
    and I hope you can bring something there to tell your people in your country.
    Or Kon ( Thanks, and Xie Xie ) for your visiting us.