Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hi parents,

We are safe and sound in Cambodia and had a pleasant flight with SilkAir. After we checked into ParkLane Hotel, we discovered that the hotel was far better than expected because the staff were friendly and helpful and the facilities were decent. At night, we had buffet dinner and some of us served the dinner. Some even had 2-3 serving!! We also went shopping and ate ice-cream! There was a discussion held among our group to bring us back to the objective of the trip.

Now we are logging off… more to come soon!!!  Good nights!



  1. Wow! You guys are having fun and being well taken care!:-) hA Ha hA.... the 3rd day should be more fun for the girls and boys yeah!
    Take care, organisers, teachers and students! Special thanks to organiser and teachers to make this trip possible and letting our next generation have the opportunities to explore and experience physically about the life in Cambodia. He he.... may be they will start to learn how to wash their undergarment for those who totally never know how to?!..... and perhaps cooking, washing cloths.....after this trip?! Hm.... what a comfort life in Singapore yeah! Good Day to all.

  2. Good to hear that all of you are having a good time on the first day.

    A typhoon is on the way to Cambodia on Tuesday. Please keep yourself safe.