Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hi parents,
Today is the first day of our CIP at the orphanage. We were divided into two groups, one building a hut that is used as a study room for the children and the other were instructed to teach the children basic english. Students are able to interact and teach the children, giving them a whole new experience. The children were very likeable and friendly towards us. Teaching was also easy as they were obedient and cooperative. Next,we sat down together to have our lunch. The rice portions were generous. We had a hearty meal. After lunch, we continued with our building and teaching until around 5pm. We were exhausted as we proceeded for dinner. The food was great, consisting of a large variety of dishes.

logging off, see you tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks a lot teachers for taking the trouble and time to upload the information! It must be a hardest day from today on. I could feel how exhausted you all were! Sleep well! Tomorrow is another day of hard labour day! he he..... have fun!