Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hi parents, Today is a second day of our CIP programme to the orphanage. We learnt from the mistakes we made yesterday to modify our lessons with the children and to the building today. Our efforts paid off and we had great fun with the children and made good progress with the building. The children seemed to have enjoyed the games very much. Also, the children grew more attached to us. After a long day of work, it was finally the time for dinner! It was FABULOUS. All of the dishes were delicious, and everyone finished their share. Everyone enjoyed the dinner! When it is the time for reflection in the hotel, the teachers were singing praises about our good job done and all of us felt a great sense of satisfactory and pride. But we would still not let our guard down, and maintain our spirits till after tomorrow. Logging off, Goodbye! Nights & Takecare.


  1. Great Work ! Bravo! :-) Keep it up !

  2. hi students. I came to visit hte orphanage today. I thought it was great to see your good spirits even if the work was hard. The children certainly seemed very happy with you singing with themthere. I have great respect for the efforts you all are putting into helping the orphanage. Take care!