Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hi parents,

We are safe and sound in Cambodia and had a pleasant flight with SilkAir. After we checked into ParkLane Hotel, we discovered that the hotel was far better than expected because the staff were friendly and helpful and the facilities were decent. At night, we had buffet dinner and some of us served the dinner. Some even had 2-3 serving!! We also went shopping and ate ice-cream! There was a discussion held among our group to bring us back to the objective of the trip.

Now we are logging off… more to come soon!!!  Good nights!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flight information

Hi students and parents.
Here are the flight information.

31 October 2009 (Saturday)
Silkair MI614
Departure: 1435hr
Arrival: 1545hr ( Cambodia time)
* Report to Changi Airport Terminal 2, Counter 5, at 1130hr
Attire: Trip t-shirt and long pants

6 November 2009 (Friday)

Silkair MI601
Departure: 1015hrs (Cambodia time)
Arrival: 1310hr

Things to note:
Baggage - One piece to check in: maximum 20kg
Hand carry - one piece: Maximum 7kg
Cambodia time is 1 hour later than Singapore
Hi Students and Parents,

Some last minute announcements

You can call school too at 63441393 - we will update school daily.

2. Here are the hotels we will be staying in.

a. Name : Elit Chor / Park Lane Hotel

Full address (Overseas) : Street Taphul, Tapoul Village, Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap,


Tel number (country, area code) : (855) 63 967 676

b. Name : Jayanthee / Town View Hotel

Full address (Overseas) : #30, St. 111 corner St.242

Sangkat Boeung Pralet,

Khan 7Makara

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Tel number (country, area code) : 023 992 939, 023 992 949
That's all. See you at the airport...
Ms Lai

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hi students and parents!
The students had been busying preparing and raising funds for the Cambodians.
Here are some pictures of the process(:

Sale of canned drinks

Two groups of students sold cans of coke and 100plus to raise funds on 27 October 2009

The students were really enthusiastic to help.

The students were trying hard to carry and move boxes of water around.

Quality guaranteed by our teacher.

We have supportive customers(:

 A large crowd waiting to buy our drinks(:
Our sale of can drinks is a big success!

Training Session
After school, all of us were to stay back to update the teachers on our progress in planning games for the Cambodia children. We, ourselves, certainly enjoyed the time as well!

We were able to play the games too!

We had fun!

Demostration of games. We sure had a big laugh.

After sharing our ideas, we broke down into our groups and further improve on the ideas with feedback from the rest.
We even have a puppet show!

The props are indeed well prepared.

On top of all the fun, we get seriously when it comes to real work.

Some of us arranged the books that are meant to be brought over to Cambodia for the children there

And of course, teachers' suggestion and feedback are important in the preparation process

Story Telling!

Students drawing posters to aid Cambodia children in the singing.

A nest?

Teachers join in with the drawing as well!

The students trying their best to draw on the hard floor.

Balloon Sculpturing
The students learn balloon sculpturing to make balloons for the young kids there.
Look at the intense concentration of the students and teachers.

They were all proud of their own works.

Puppet Shows
A group of students will be performing animals puppet show for the Cambodians.

THe students rehearsing their puppet show to the teachers

A dog mask

Though the preparation is tough, everyone still had fun.
Everyone of us has a great part to do in this CIP trip.
Hope everyone will have a fun and fulfilling trip!