Saturday, November 14, 2009


This is the information for the monday gathering!!

WHEN: 16 november 2009 (Monday)
TIME: Starts at 5pm(:
PLACE: Melody's house!!
NO. OF PPL GOING: about 33.

- Address is 287 Jalan Lembah Bedok.
- Its down Bedok Resevoir Road, past Bedok Resevoir View, close to Tampines side.
- Those attempting to locate it using GPS can use postal code S478968.
Buses: 5 18 21 22 28 59 65 67 69 168  to Bedok Reform Trg Ctr. bus stop.
Advisable to take 65 or 67 from Tampines Interchange. (3 stops).

Walk directly down Jalan Lembah Bedok. First unit past sentry is Melodys house.

Alternatively, SAFRA Tampines bus stop15, 168, 18, 21, 23, 28, 5, 518, 59, 65, 67, 8

*AHA our FABULOUS group (GROUP 5!!) will help to bring people to mel's house!!
Meeting time will be 4.30pm.
Beehoon and jiaqi-- Waiting at Bedok Interchange.
Nicole and marcus-- Waiting at Tampines interchange
Meet at Bedok/ Tampines interchange at 6pm!


No catering.
each group to bring own food. POTLUCK POTLUCK.
(Ask ur group leaders abt this~)
*Mrs Lim will be bringing pineapple rice.
* Deon and the athletes will get bottled drinks and chips.

IN CHARGE: Melody,Huiru,Fiona,Deon,Amanda,Shirlyn

- Mrs Lim wants eveyone to make something for the kids in Cambodia and she will pass it to Ms Choi Lin.
- Everyone is to send a photo to Ted by Friday 7pm. Ted will develop the photos(31) and everyone must pay up.
- On Monday, Ted will distribute the photos to everyone,where we will all write down our wishes for the kids.
- Seraph will collect them back and check.Then she passes them to Mrs Lim.

Side Effects - may be damaging to the children as we cannot keep up his letter writing.We may not carry out this.Teachers will be discussing with Mr Savong.
But continue with this plan 1st.

IN CHARGE: Ted, Seraph


When it rains, we shall use Mrs Lim's house!

Address - 505 Pasir Ris St 52, 11-195
Its a 5min walk from the MRT to Mrs Lim house 
                                                                               BeeHoon from marcus group!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hi parents,

I reckon all of us had reunited with our own family (: Today is the last day of this service learning trip at Cambodia. We woke up bright in the morning and travel straight to the airport for the flight back to Singapore.

I am sure this trip is truly beneficial to all of the students. Looking back at this trip, not only did we get to know more friends and bond together as one, we grew up. We were able to empathise and reach out to those people in need in Cambodia as volunteers. We had done our fair share as tourists too! We get to see the Angkor Wat, enjoyed a boat ride on the Tonle Sap and visited various museums about the Pol Pot Regime. It is definitely an eye-opening trip, exposing us to the culture and history of what shaped Cambodia as it is now today.

The most meaningful is how we get to learn many things for this trip. With planning of activities and leading everyone, many of us learnt about leadership skills and stepping out of their own comfort zone to interact with the team mates. With reflection and open discussion every night, we were able to speak up about different problems we face in life and how to lead a more fulfilling life. Daily reflection taught us how to strive, how to empathise, how to love and how to appreciate our family no matter what happened. I am sure all these lessons every night sank deep into our minds and touch deep into our hearts.

Yes, we had reached out and touched the orphans at Savong orphanage, but I am sure everyone agrees that those children touched us more. With their innocent, obedient and carefree life, their exposed us to the most pure and simple happiness in life. Above that, they taught us to be appreciative of life in Singapore and complain no more. I am also sure that through the building, we became hardier and can take physical hardship. Through teaching, we managed to learn to be patient. Their obedience and innocence had taught us that happiness is not as hard to come by as long as we don't desire too much. They also make us reflect on our life - are we as obedient as them at home? Are we appreciative that we have parents? These are thoughts that flashed through our minds looking at the children.

Lastly, I will like to end off this post by reminding all the students that though the trip had ended, but now, it is only to start of the whole learning journey. It is time to grow and change and be a better person, and that's the main ultimate goal of this meaningful trip.

Hope everyone enjoyed themselves and had a meaningful trip (: Thank you all the teachers that had taken their time off their busy schedule and travelled to Cambodia with us. Also, thank you all parents for your undying support for this trip.

Good night (:

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hi parents,
Today, we woke up very early in the morning and got ready to travel to Phnom Penh, a 6 hours bus trip. We had our breakfast on the bus and i am sure it is a nice and long sleeping bus trip for many students. When we reach Phnom Penh, we checked in into our hotel rooms. Yet again, the condition of the beautiful hotel was a pleasant surprise. We then went out for lunch for a Chinese cuisine! The lunch was great with jokes and fun with friends around us.
Next, we proceeded to the Choeung Ek Genocidal Centre, which is the Killing Field. We knew about the 3 main mass graves, one being the mass burial ground for 450 corpses, another for 166 headless corpses and the last one for the corpses of women and children. Beside the burial ground of women and children stood the majestic killing tree, where soldiers smash babies' head against to and killing these innocent lives. We also got to know the cruel fact that 3.5 million populations were killed during the Pol Pot Regime, with 7 million Cambodia populations at that period of time. Some of us also entered the stupa where skulls and bones of the victims are placed.
At the genocide museum, it was a solemn affair when we stepped in to see how prisoners were captivated and tortured to death. Out of 20,000 people held in this place, formerly a peaceful school, only 7 survived. We walk past the actual cells that the prisoners were chained at and some blood stains were still evident and visible on the floor. There were also photographs after photographs of prisoners and young Khmer Rouge soldiers. It was devastating to see how innocent lives were taken or destroyed during this Pol Pot Regime. We were also appalled by the cruel ways the soldiers used to kill, such as plucking out the nails of these prisoners. Many of us were very disturbed by the images, photographs and the drawings that portrait the different ways of torture. But it gave us a great realisation and a warning to not repeat history. It also increases our knowledge to the world at large, and how this historical event shaped Cambodia it is now.
After the tour to these devastating museums, we continued our shopping spree in a small shop called the Villageworks, an enterprise which sell things and the money collected will be used to help other poor Cambodians in the country. Many of us had a big 'harvest', buying all sorts of things from bags to key chains. Finally, it was dinner time. Everyone enjoyed their last dinner with their group for this trip. Everyone was a bit reluctant about the separation of the group and the end of the whole learning trip.

Logging off! Updating again tomorrow (: Good Night!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hello parents! We're here again. Today was the last day of our CIP Programme. TADAA! This day, we rushed to finish up our last bit of the building. We were supposed to make the flooring of the hut. It was tedious, but we were all in high spirits, with a common goal, which is to complete the building of the hut by today. We stood under the scorching sun, forming many human chains, passing buckets and buckets of soil to make the flooring. After many hours of hard work, it is finally lunchtime! We enjoyed the lunch at the orphanage. It was superb. After lunch, we continued with our building and teaching. Soon after, we completed the flooring of the hut. It was time to distribute the gifts that we brought along for the children at the orphanage. We gave them each a photograph of themselves and us. They loved it. Also, we gave them stickers, a lollipop, and a paper-star! It was finally farewell time. Everyone was crestfallen, but we hid our emotions behind our happy faces, lest we hurt the children`s feelings. We left with a heavy heart, but with happy memories. Our dinner today was excellent. We had international buffet in a classy restaurant. Also, we had a chance to watch Apsara dance. Then, the teachers brought us to the night market to buy souvenirs. Thats all for today! Logging off, Goodnight!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hi parents, Today is a second day of our CIP programme to the orphanage. We learnt from the mistakes we made yesterday to modify our lessons with the children and to the building today. Our efforts paid off and we had great fun with the children and made good progress with the building. The children seemed to have enjoyed the games very much. Also, the children grew more attached to us. After a long day of work, it was finally the time for dinner! It was FABULOUS. All of the dishes were delicious, and everyone finished their share. Everyone enjoyed the dinner! When it is the time for reflection in the hotel, the teachers were singing praises about our good job done and all of us felt a great sense of satisfactory and pride. But we would still not let our guard down, and maintain our spirits till after tomorrow. Logging off, Goodbye! Nights & Takecare.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hi parents,
Today is the first day of our CIP at the orphanage. We were divided into two groups, one building a hut that is used as a study room for the children and the other were instructed to teach the children basic english. Students are able to interact and teach the children, giving them a whole new experience. The children were very likeable and friendly towards us. Teaching was also easy as they were obedient and cooperative. Next,we sat down together to have our lunch. The rice portions were generous. We had a hearty meal. After lunch, we continued with our building and teaching until around 5pm. We were exhausted as we proceeded for dinner. The food was great, consisting of a large variety of dishes.

logging off, see you tomorrow!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hi parents,
Today, we went to Tonle Sap in the morning to look at the fishing village. The houses were built on stilts. We took a boat and enjoyed the breeze while observing the local life. Lunch was fabulous! It was taken in a fisherman's house. All the dishes were fish-based. We even had barbequed snake head fish.

In the afternoon, the journey took us to Angkor Wat. 'Angkor' means capital city and 'Wat' is temple. We encountered many local children trying to sell postcards and souvenirs. We rejected them and wondered whether it was right to do that. At Angkor Wat, we visited many temples and statues. The tour guide explained to us the significance of the statues, backed by the multitude of stories. There were many statues that were beheaded during the civil war.

And once again, dinner was really good and there was always huge servings of rice. Rice is grown abundantly in Cambodia and locals eat it in huge amounts as it provides them with the main source of energy. There was a dish where the curry chicken was served in a coconut husk.

Goodbye , Sai Yond Sure Sdey(goodnight) !