Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hi parents,

I reckon all of us had reunited with our own family (: Today is the last day of this service learning trip at Cambodia. We woke up bright in the morning and travel straight to the airport for the flight back to Singapore.

I am sure this trip is truly beneficial to all of the students. Looking back at this trip, not only did we get to know more friends and bond together as one, we grew up. We were able to empathise and reach out to those people in need in Cambodia as volunteers. We had done our fair share as tourists too! We get to see the Angkor Wat, enjoyed a boat ride on the Tonle Sap and visited various museums about the Pol Pot Regime. It is definitely an eye-opening trip, exposing us to the culture and history of what shaped Cambodia as it is now today.

The most meaningful is how we get to learn many things for this trip. With planning of activities and leading everyone, many of us learnt about leadership skills and stepping out of their own comfort zone to interact with the team mates. With reflection and open discussion every night, we were able to speak up about different problems we face in life and how to lead a more fulfilling life. Daily reflection taught us how to strive, how to empathise, how to love and how to appreciate our family no matter what happened. I am sure all these lessons every night sank deep into our minds and touch deep into our hearts.

Yes, we had reached out and touched the orphans at Savong orphanage, but I am sure everyone agrees that those children touched us more. With their innocent, obedient and carefree life, their exposed us to the most pure and simple happiness in life. Above that, they taught us to be appreciative of life in Singapore and complain no more. I am also sure that through the building, we became hardier and can take physical hardship. Through teaching, we managed to learn to be patient. Their obedience and innocence had taught us that happiness is not as hard to come by as long as we don't desire too much. They also make us reflect on our life - are we as obedient as them at home? Are we appreciative that we have parents? These are thoughts that flashed through our minds looking at the children.

Lastly, I will like to end off this post by reminding all the students that though the trip had ended, but now, it is only to start of the whole learning journey. It is time to grow and change and be a better person, and that's the main ultimate goal of this meaningful trip.

Hope everyone enjoyed themselves and had a meaningful trip (: Thank you all the teachers that had taken their time off their busy schedule and travelled to Cambodia with us. Also, thank you all parents for your undying support for this trip.

Good night (:

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  1. Hi guys, I really miss Cambodia alot, but I know that I am not the only one to have this symptom here...

    Hong Lin