Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Packlist

HELLO students and parents.
This is the complete packlist for this cambodia trip.

1) Passport- valid for 6 months minimum
2) Pen/ pencil/ notebook
3) Change of clothes - t-shirts, bermudas, undergarment, socks, etc
4) Toiletries- body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, eyc
5) Body moisturiser (optional)
6) Rain coat/ Poncho
7) Sunblock (must)
8) Mosquito Repellent (must)
9) Sunglasses
10) Personal Medication- if any
11) Common Medicine- panadol, charcoal pills, plasters, etc
12) Money- USD$50 TO USD$80 (crisp nots please)
13) Camera, memory card and charger
14) Hat/ Cap
15) Comfortable walking shoes that cover uo the toes
16) Sandals
17) Torchlight
18) Wet wipes/ Liquid soap
19) At least one pair of long pants or long skirt that is below knee level-- for visit to archaeological temples.

Wish all students will have a fulfilling and meaningful trip!

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